COD Digestion Vials

Easy-to-use COD MicroVials™ provide accurate COD results at a saving for your laboratory.
COD MicroVials require just 2mL of sample for analysis. To use, add the sample to the vial, digest at 150°C for two hours and then read COD on your spectrophotometer.

COD MicroVials are laboratory-tested to ensure superior quality.
Rigorous checks of each lot of MicroVials are performed by an independent laboratory. Vials are analyzed with NIST traceable standards at the lower MDL, then at 25% and 75% of the upper MDL. In addition, each lot of MicroVials is compared to reference vials of the true value for lot certification.

Low and middle range COD MicroVials with Mercury are EPA approved.
Environmental Express offers two different reagent packages for low-range, high-range and ultra high-range COD measurement. MicroVials with mercuric sulfate fully comply with EPA methodology. COD vials without mercury are also available. Mercury-free vials should only be used when chlorides are not a concern and EPA reporting is not required.

Description/ Range/ ppm MDL Mercury EPA Approved Catalog #
COD Vials, 0-150mg/L 10 Yes Yes B1010
COD Vials, 0-1500mg/L 30 Yes Yes B1015
COD Vials, 0-15,000mg/L 300 Yes No B1020
COD Vials, 0-150mg/L 10 No No B0010
COD Vials, 0-1500mg/L 30 No No B0015
COD Vials, 0-15,000mg/L 300 No No B0020