Traceable Products

Traceable Anemometer

Traceable Thermometer

Traceable Hygrometer

Traceable Barometer

Traceable Conductivity Meter

Traceable Light meter

Traceable Manometer

Traceable Moisture Meter

Traceable CO2 Meter

Traceable Oxygen meter

Traceable Sound Meter

Traceable Stopwatch

Traceable Tachometer

Traceable Timer

Traceable SpatulaBalance

Traceable Caliper

Spatula Balance

Digital Tachometers

Stopwatch/Repeat Timer

Sound Level Meter

Moisture Meter

UV Light Meter

Conductivity/TDS Meter Pen

Jumbo Thermo-Humidity Meter

Digital Anemometer/Thermometer

Four-Channel Countdown Alarm Timer (14-649-17)

Noncontact Infrared Thermometers Gun

Excursion-Trac™ Datalogging Thermometers

Tri Solution is a Thermo Fisher Scientific distributor in Thailand for scientific products which include laboratory apparatus, consumables, equipment, traceable products, furniture benches, fume hood, and chemicals. Tri Solution is a Gilson distributor in Thailand for automated liquid handling and purification instruments.  We are also distributing Dissolution Tester from Riggtek Germany and Medical/Safety technology products from Daeger.Germany.