Lab Consumables & Apparatus

Column LC & GC


Diamond Tip Pen

Forcep Tweezer

Scissors & Scalpel

Vial Crimper & Decrimper

Clamp Burette

Disposable Weighing Dish

Film Wrapping



Humidity Indicator Card

Loop & Needle

Magnetic Stir Bars

Pellet Pestle

Tray & Storage Box

Tissue Wiper

Thin-Layer Chromatography

Rubber Gas Sampling Bag

Platinum Wire Loop

Flame Burners

Diamond Aluminum Foil

Barnstead Cartridges

Tri Solution is a Thermo Fisher Scientific distributor in Thailand for scientific products which include laboratoryapparatus, consumable , equipment, traceable products, furniture benches, fume hood and chemicals. We are also distributing
environmental products from Environmental Express USA as and cleaning/ disinfection products from Synergy Health UK.