Tri Solution Company Limited was established in 2009 by a group of people who had strong experience in sales and service of analytical equipment and scientific market. We provide  lboratory consumables,  equipment, chemical, and reagent include lab furniture,and  fume hood  for the customers in the industrial of electronics, chemicals and Power as well as life science, biotechnology and environmental laboratory.
Our customers include many of the largest companies of pharmaceutical, electronic and semiconductor, oil & gas, as well as government, lab agencies, research institutes, and universities. 
We also provide the customer with technical support for lab types of equipment and preventive maintenance for fumehood.
Our goal is to provide continuously the best efforts to offer maximum satisfaction to our valuable customers. Not only emphasize in sales, but effective after-sales service also included as our slogan is "The Better Solution for your laboratory"
Our main suppliers are  Fisher Scientific ( part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) , Gilson,  Environmental Express, Benchmark Scientific, Vernacare (Synergy Health), Brady, Savillex and Labcold. We also supply the products of Inorganic Ventures, NIST, Acze Ace Glass, Seat Ventilation and TEL (Temperature Electronics) 
For any questions or inquiries, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or telephone 662-968-7510.





Tri Solution is a Thermo Fisher Scientific distributor in Thailand for scientific products which include laboratory apparatus, consumables, equipment, traceable products, furniture benches, fume hood, and chemicals. Tri Solution is a Gilson distributor in Thailand for automated liquid handling and purification instruments.  We are also distributing Dissolution Tester from Riggtek Germany and Medical/Safety technology products from Daeger.Germany.