Fumehood Repair &  Preventive Maintenance

Work Scope​

  • Inspection for overall of the fumehood 
  • Checking the fumehood controlling system         
  • Checking and measuring the light system inside the hood             
  • Measuring and adjustment the Face Velocity      
  • Checking the gas system inside the fumehood (if any)     
  • Checking the water system inside the fumehood
  • Checking the leakage of the drainage     
  • Checking the sash movement and lubricating
  • Checking bearing of motor          
  • Checking the vibration and tightness of the screw of motor & Blower      
  • Cleaning inside and outside of the fumehood     
  • Inspection overall of  Wet (Main Body)  
  • Checking the circulation Pump
  • Checking the valve of water supply and drainage               
  • Checking tubing and connection of the water supply and drainage            
  • Checking the Spray Nozzel inside the fumehood
  • Checking the float valve of water supply inside the fumehood    
  • Checking and Cleaning the Media Pack  
  • Checking the Mist Separator sheet          
  • Draining out the existing water and refill the fresh water               
  • Checking the Pre fillter if Dry Scrubber
  • Checking  Activated Carbon if Dry Scrubber

Tri Solution is a Thermo Fisher Scientific distributor in Thailand for scientific products which include laboratory apparatus, consumables, equipment, traceable products, furniture benches, fume hood, and chemicals. Tri Solution is a Gilson distributor in Thailand for automated liquid handling and purification instruments.  We are also distributing Dissolution Tester from Riggtek Germany and Medical/Safety technology products from Daeger.Germany.