FITC BrdU Flow Kit

  • Used to stain proteins
  • For use with Flow cytometer
  • Includes: One 65μL vial fluorochrome-conjugated Anti-BrdU antibody, one 25mL bottle BD Cytofix/Cytoperm™ buffer, two 25mL bottles BD perm/wash™ buffer (10X), one 10mL bottle BD Cytoperm™, DNase; BrdU; 7-AAD; Kit Manual
  • Catalog No. 559619 (50 tests)
  • Catalog No. 557891 (4 x 50 tests)

Reagent  Quantity
 Fluorochrome-conjugated anti-BrdU Antibody  One 65-µL vial
 BD Cytofix/Cytoperm™ Buffer  One 25-mL bottle
 BD Perm/Wash™ Buffer (10X)  Two 25-mL bottles
 BD Cytoperm™ Permeabilization Buffer Plus  One 10-mL bottle
 7-AAD  One 1-mL vial
 BrdU (10 mg/mL)  Five 0.5-mL vials
 DNase  Five 300-µL vials