CPC Centrifugal Partition Chromatography

Innovative, Silica-Free Chromatographic Columns for High-Level

Purification of Crude Extract

Gilson is pleased to offer a complete range of centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) systems. Also known as counter current chromatography (CCC), CPC is a liquid-liquid purification technique that does not require traditional solid supports. The main aim of this silica-free technology is to isolate the maximum amount of a specific molecule at the highest purity, in a short time, and without using a silica column or any support media.

Key Benefits of CPC  Purification

  • No column to replace or silica to recycle
  • Five times less solvent consumption
  • High injection capacity (from milligrams to many kilograms of sample)
  • 95% recovery – no irreversible absorption or denaturation of fragile molecule
  • 99% purity or better
  • Complex sample injection/purification in one step
  • Adaptable to diverse application fields from isolation of compounds from complex natural extracts to purification of proteins and synthetic molecules and fermentation broth