Dissolution Tester

Dissilio TX8 / TX16

The RIGGTEK „Dissilio“ Dissolution Tester is designed with the principle "SIMPLY SMART - to make your everyday work easier". It´s innovative, flexible and smart details are combined with a reliable and easy to use technology. Highest standards of performance and reliability are ensured as well as USP/EP/JP/FDA-compliance, available with 6 to 16 positions and all accessories like USP Apparatus 1,2,5, rotating cylinders, immersion cell, small volume kits or intrinsic kit. This ensures great flexibility and efficiency in your lab.

  • 6-16 POSITIONS   The Dissilio is available from 6 to 16 positions, flexible according to your needs
  • INTUITIVE OPERATION VIA TOUCHSCREEN OR BROWSER INTERFACE The intuitive touchscreen allows easy operation - also with gloves. For real time monitoring and even more easy operation, the touchscreen is "mirrored" to your (Web-) Browser of your PC.
  • OPTIONAL PACKAGES The optional CFR-, BACKUP-, TOP- or ENERGY-Package allows you to add flexible features like electronic signature, automatic backups, qualification due alerts or timer controlled heating - simply according your needs.
  • VESSELS FROM DIFFERENT BRANDS Compatible to use vessels from different brands like Erweka, Distek, Agilent, Sotax, etc. to eliminate the last big allowed tolearnces - the vessel dimensions. And as consequence to avoid laborious cross validations.
  • MANY ACCESSORIES Various accessories are available for the Dissilio like USP Apparatus 1,2,5, rotating cylinders, intrinsic kit, immersion cell, auto-tablet drop-kit, amber vessels and covers or Teflon coating.
  • SMART FEATURES Smart features make your everyday work easier, like the integrated storage compartments, the easy vessel centering or 

  • 100% USP/EP/JP compliant
  • Robust and reliable
  • Wide range of accessories
  • 7" Touchscreen with the intuitive menu structure
  • Browser Interface for operation via PC
  • Use of vessels of different manufacturers
  • Smart Interfaces with Parent-Child-Functionality
  • CFR-Compliance with electronic signature
  • Smart features like storage compartments for accessories
  • Made in Germany