Media Preparation

DissoPrep X8 / X15

The Dissoprep X8 / X15 is the original media preparation system which is working according to the gravimetrical principle for more than 14 years and so fulfills the USP, FDA, EP, GLP / GMP.

  • DissoPrep  X8 with 8 liter tank and  DissoPrep  X15 with 15l tank (gross) with same housing dimensions and same working principle
  • GRAVIMETRICAL PRINCIPLE – for highest dispensing accuracy
  • NO FLUDIC PUMP – compatible for foaming media Ø fully reproducible media preparation according USP procedure
  • Mixing of acid or buffer Ø high degassing efficiency Ø complete printout / documentation
  • 8 or 15 liter tank available Ø time saving by independent media preparation for one batch Ø automatic cleaning procedure
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Easy administration via (Web-) Browser with „Browser-Interface“ (network connectivity, 21 CFR-compliant, electronic signature, automatic backup, parent-child-coupling, etc. without software installation)
  • Direct connection to DI-water tap optional
  • Table based or mobile version with uninterruptible power supply
  • USP, EP, FDA, GLP/GMP comformity
  • Filtering: by an easily exchangeable Filter Cartridge, the remaining filter capacity is checked automatically, when necessary the system prompts the user to change the filter. The Flow Through Principle prevents bacterial growth.
  • Warming: A special continous-flow heater warms the media before degassing. This generates an enhanced degassing and saves considerable time when heating in the dissolution tester.
  • Mixing: For the precise addition of concentrated hydrochloric acid, buffer or surfactant (SLS) a second inlet channel is provided. The composition of additive and water is controlled gravimetricly by a Precision Load Cell. An electronic stirrer mixes the components in the storage tank and ensures a homogenous mixture concentration (functionally monitored). The precision of the composition is very high (deviation lower than 0,2% typ.).
  • Degassing: The media is exposed to a high vacuum during withdrawing the raw media. The interaction of heating, mixing and degassing generates an effective deaeration of the medium e.g. for water with typically 3-5ppm O2 (after filling into the vessel).
  • The USP does not specify degassing in figures because the dissolved oxygen measurement is not robust and no traceable standards for the calibration of oxygen meters are available. Only the physical effect paramaters temperature, vacuum and duration of media exposure can be measured reliably.

  • 100% USP/EP/JP compliant
  • Highly precise mixing and dosing 
  • Great time savings and easy to use
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Browser Interface for operation via PC
  • Print via USB, LAN or PDF
  • GLP/GMP-compliant documentation
  • 2% SLS-containing medium possible
  • Individual assignment of permissions