The VERITY® CPC Process system performs silica-free chromatography for process-scale purification and extraction. It combines a newly designed rotor with a capacity range of 1 to 5 liters when combined with the VERITY® SKID. This is the solution for annually processing tons of sample with higher resolution and the best return on investment.

Reliable and Powerful
  •  Operates at a maximum pressure of 100 bar (1450 psi)
  • Up to 5 L/mn fast elution pump available in isocratic (1 pump) or binary (2 pumps) versions
  • Elution piston pump achieves 2% flowrate accuracy and 0.5% flowrate repeatability for faster cleaning and optimized production time, along with improved reliability for production, cost-planning, and quality
  • Pressure transmitters, alarms, and leak sensors make for improved performance and control of the fluidic journey
Easy-to-Use and Flexible
  • Structure is solvent-resistant and compatible with a wider range of applications
  • Reinforced rotative wheels equipped with directional locks and brakes for easy mobility onsite 
  • Easy-to-use software allowing automated stack injections and a preset list of methods for automated production
  • Backflush valves for ascending and descending modes, which allow for safer and easier use with dual rinsing and dual modes

Safe and Compliant
  • Controlled by a certified 21 CFR part 11 chromatographic software specifically designed for production 
  • Software allows for automatic recording of process data that can be shared via customer’s network, and customizable reports and alerts for full control of actions done during processing
  • CE and ATEX certified for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere and equipped with FDA compliant spare parts and consumables