Flame Burners


Ideal for very slow heating or quick boiling

  • Universal straight-tube burners have flames adjustable from 0.75 to 12 in. (20 to 305mm) Obtain heat output of over 1465w (5000 BTU/hr.)
  • Consume 5 cu. ft./hr. of gas
  • Flame retainer (supplied) prevents flame lifting or extinguishing
  • Adjustable air and gas controls ensure complete combustion
  • Tapered, serrated gas connection
  • Nonferrous, rustproof construction
  • Separate models for natural and LP gases

0.5 in.
Very Slow Heating or Quick Boiling
6.5 in.
Natural Gas
1.3 cm
800 to 1200 btu
16.5 cm
Natural Gas