BOD PolySeed®

Catalog No: D1250

Polyseed® is a blend of special microbial cultures in an easy-to-use capsule designed to provide a uniform standard for the degradation of both industrial and municipal waste in BOD analysis. Use of Polyseed provides fresh, consistent seed on a continuous basis.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy-to-use capsules
  • Consistent results
  • Free of nitrifying microorganisms
  • Formulated to yield test results that meet the guidelines set forth in The Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater
  • Non-pathogenic
  • Available in 50 capsule bottles
  • Shelf Life: 2 years

Application:         Dilution water preparation
Description :       Seed Source
Formula:              Seed Source
Method:               8043
Method Name:   Dilution
Package Type:   Capsules
Parameter:          Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Quantity:              50 pcs