Nessler Cylinder 50ml

Nessler Cylinder, 50ml - Class A - Borosilicate Glass 

CAT# CH0350A

  • Made of high quality, heavy duty borosilicate glass class A

  • Blue, Ceramic Graduations - for Colorimetric Analysis

  • 50ml capacity. Two white graduation lines, marked at 25ml and 50ml

  • Useful for colorimetric analysis

  • Cylinder measures 7.5" tall, and 1" in diameter

  • Perfect for any science or home laboratory

Nessler cylinder made of high quality 3.3 borosilicate glass. White, printed graduation, marked every at 25ml and 50ml. Cylinder features a spout for easy pouring.


  • Cylinder measures 7.5" tall, and 1" in diameter.
  • Inner diameter is 22mm, outer diameter is 25mm.