Pipet Filler


  • Long life lithium ion battery that is under a full warranty for 12 months ( expected life approx. 3-5 years)
  • Will charge in less than an hour, can be used while charging if needed. Will provide the end user up to 20 hours of continual use
  • UV resistant housing. Which means it will last a lot longer if constantly sterilized under UV in a class II cabinet for instance
  • Soft triggers and direction markers for aspiration and dispensing
  • It is balanced in the hand to reduce strain whilst using. Some manufacturers claim their unit is the lightest in the market, but being light doesn’t counter balance a loaded pipette when it is being used, so this makes working very front heavy. We actually balance against a half loaded 10ml pipette, which generally is the most used pipette with this kind of unit. This is not an exact science of course, but it does help when people are using the pipetter for long periods of time.
  • The nose cone and silicone parts are autoclavable
  • LED operation mode indicator. Switch between a high, low and gravity mode.

 Pipetter comes with the most comprehensive range of accessories as standard, more than any other unit out in the market
  • 5 different coloured nose cones, so that end users can personalize and use a certain colour for a particular application, or area in the lab to help prevent cross contamination
  • An adapter nozzle that snaps into the nose cone to provide more stability for small pipettes
  • A bench top charging stand
  • A magnetic wall mount that can also be permanently fixed if required
  • A universal power supply with different plug faces, meaning you only need the one SKU for use in All of Asia and Oceania
  • Three replacement filters